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I’ve always had a love of colour, design and fashion. I have a science background and two boys at home - so I'm glad of this outlet for my more creative feminine side! Having worked in various roles in the fashion world and having trained in Personal Styling - I love that,  over the past 10 years, I've been able to combine two of my great passions: people and clothes! My goal is to help people look and feel their best, whatever their size, shape, colouring or stage of life. I am here to provide expert advice and coaching to help you attain a bespoke functional, stylish wardrobe that works for who you are. Getting dressed can be hassle free and I'm here to help you "Dress without Stress"...

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I provide all kinds of style coaching services to men and women of any age, shape and size! My approach is professional, approachable, honest but non-threatening. I really care about helping people to feel comfortable and well-dressed in their own skin. My services are available on a 1-1 basis, or for groups and events. I look forward to being in touch if you would like to book a free initial consultation regarding any of my services...


Do you want to shop for new wardrobe items, but have lost a sense of what styles and colours suit you; which shops work for you and just find that the clothes shopping process gets you down? Let me help to make it enjoyable, relaxing and successful, taking in to account your wardrobe needs, your budget, your lifestyle so you can enjoy looking great every day!



No matter what state your wardrobe (or even floordrobe!) is in - I promise I can help you enjoy opening it each morning to find clothes that work for you. Whether you have too many or too few clothes; whether you need help identifying which clothes its time to say goodbye to; or need help organising your clothes so you can put outfits together more easily, do get in touch to find out how I can help...


Knowing your own style is a lifesaver in dressing without stress! Without any tape measures or 360 mirrors, I can help coach you about your body shape, proportions, facial features, colouring and personal style to enable you to shop well. You'll enjoy the relief of knowing what styles and colours to choose, you'll know how to put outfits together that suit you and you can enjoy looking great every day.



I'm used to organising and hosting all kinds of events - whether you are looking for Retail Training in Personal Styling for your company, an in-store customer event, styling events for small or large groups or a bespoke event - 
I have experience of running Retail Roadshows, Managers Training and in-store training and events for companies such as White Stuff, LK Bennett, Hobbs, Monsoon and more. I regularly host events for different sorts of groups around the UK and abroad. Let's talk to see how I can serve you best.

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Shopping with Hilary is revolutionary! Getting dressed in the morning is actually a pleasure now. I have attractive, functional clothing ready to go.

Hilary has been so brilliant at fixing my wardrobe that she has now helped my sister, my mother and my aunt! We are all extremely different, not only in our budgets, but in shape and size, yet we are all equally thrilled with the outcome.

Alice, Fulham

Hilary makes shopping fun and easy. She's brilliant at getting me to try something different. I’ve had so many compliments on my new clothes.
Anne, Kingston

Hilary has a fantastic eye for colour and for putting clothes together into an outift that you can feel comfortable in and looks great!
Sian, Wimbledon

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