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Helping you dress without stress

  • 3 hours
  • £70/hour
  • Normally in the clients home

Service Description

Everyone has stress triggers related to their wardrobe - finding their clothes in a hurry, putting outfits together, knowing if things still suit them or look frumpy/too young/too old, changing size or body shape...or the old classic "having so many clothes but nothing to wear!" Whatever your issue, a Wardobe Refresh with me will ease your pain. We will have a brief consultation, normally by phone in advance, to talk about what you'd like to get from your wardrobe session. Then, on the day, you ideally just need to have all your clothes to hand (don't worry if they are in washing or ironing piles!). We will start with a brief consultation about your style, colouring, body shape etc. I will work with your aims to leave you with a wardrobe that works for who you are. I can help you get rid of any wardrobe duds (recycling them for charity or to sell on if you prefer) and can help identify any wardrobe gaps you have. The aim is that I leave you with a wardrobe which is organised, from which you can put outfits together yourself and enjoy the process of getting dressed every morning. (minimum 3 hours)

Contact Details

+ 07719 728213

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